50 Random Facts About Me Part 2

Thursday 29 January 2015

Continuing from Part 1....

26) I have a cactus collection! I think they are really adorable and I can't help but keep buying more.

27) My favourite food is pizza. I looooove pizza. I still with the classic margarita, or a garlic bread supreme. A garlic bread supreme seems to be a distinctly Northern thing apparently, it's a garlic bread with cheese and tomato, and is in fact totally different to a margarita. It has to have lashings of garlic sauce to dip it in too!

28) My other favourite foods are applewood smoked cheddar, spinach, Mexican food with quorn and beans instead, curries involving spinach, hassleback potatoes and garlic. I have a slight tendancy to eat lazy garlic while I cook. Sorry Stu.

29) I've had 22 piercings but only currently have 11 in, which are my nose ring, smiley, one tongue bar (I had to retire the other one) and 8 in my ears.

30) I have 3 tattoos currently, all done by Keely Rutherford, and I'm booked in for more with her soon. We are working on my left leg at the moment and then will go on from there.

31) I really love brushing my teeth. Like, I love how they feel afterwards and I don't feel like I'm really awake till I've brushed them.

32) I have a zebra print wall in my front room. It's badass.

33) My favourite TV shows ever are Oz, Sons of Anarchy, House, Supernatural, Star Trek (TNG is my favourite), The Young Ones, Criminal Minds and South Park.

34) My favourite movies are True Romance, Con Air, Natural Born Killers, Pulp Fiction, Shaun of the Dead, Jackass, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, and Hot Fuzz.

35) I went to a Star Trek convention and met Patrick Stewart. I think my face sums up how happy I was.

36) Polystyrene really freaks me out. It is so disgusting, the way it feels, eeeeeeew.

37) My collection of Barry M nail varnish is just obscene, I have about 50 different colours.

38) Ashen really hates my laugh. Anyone else have a dog who has an irrational hatred of their laugh? He'll do anything he can to stop me from laughing the meanie.

39) I love skull, stag and animal print motifs.

40) I have a scar on my right cheekbone from tripping over a pair of really wide skater jeans when I was 16 and smashing my face into the front of my parent's house. It was really grim. I love my scar though! This is from about 2 weeks into the healing/stitches.

41) I have a recurring nightmare about an old hotel on a hill, which I enter, go straight to the elevator, and the elevator goes up and down, but also left and right, and back and forwards. Nothing scary particularly ever happens in the nightmare, but it really scares me, and I've had it since I was a little kid.

42) I used to be scared of ceiling artex. I was convinced it moved and was going to stretch down and get me. For anyone who doesn't know what artex is, it's this stuff, and it comes in different patterns and levels of spiky scariness.

43) I had an imaginary friend when I was a kid, that was an albino ferret. I have no idea how I knew what an albino ferret looked like, but that was my imaginary friend. It didn't even have a name, it was just there and I talked to it a lot.

44) I can't tell the time on analog clocks. I've never been able to. My brain just does not compute.

45) My accent is a terrible mix of Grimsby, Norwich and Stu's sort of cockney accent. The Grimsby accent I have is really mild, so apparently I get to pick up all other accents really quickly.

46) Butterflies are really special to me. I lost a good friend when we were 17 and we both loved butterflies, and since then I've really obsessed over them.

47) I cannot resist talking to any and all cats and dogs. I just love them and want to be friends with them all and rub their bellies.

48) I hate whistling. It's the most vile noise ever.

49) I have a totally ridiculous crush on Kevin Nash, aka Diesel. He's a wrestler, and a big hunk of a man.


50) I'm starting to plan my wedding....aaaaaagh!!

And that's it! If you'd like me to see do more blogs like this let me know!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx