Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Goodbye iPhone, Hello Samsung and GoCustomized*

My phone contract ran out a couple of months ago, and after much thought about what to do, I decided that it was finally time to say goodbye to my iPhone. I've had an iPhone constantly since 2009, but it was the right time to make the switch. I've replaced countless screens on my iPhones, even with a good solid case and tempered glass, and the battery life just hasn't improved like it should over the years and new models. The fixed amount of storage space also left much to be desired, I always had a 16GB phone because anything bigger was just ridiculously expensive on a monthly plan, and generally meant a higher up cost payment as well.

So it was time to say goodbye to my iPhone, and hello to a Samsung Galaxy S8. And I am SO so pleased I made the jump! It took a little bit of getting used to, but it's really user friendly and quick to respond, especially compared to my old iPhone 6. One of the biggest differences I noticed right away is the screen resolution is just incredible in comparison. Everything is so much clearer and has so much more detail than it did on my iPhone. Even PokemonGo looks 10x better!

The other big plus is the battery life is massive compared to any of the Apple products I've used, and you can add extra memory cards to increase your storage. So your storage is literally endless and you can take all the photos you could ever want without ever running out of space. The only slightly weird thing compared to an iPhone is that the fingerprint technology is actually on the back of the phone, next to the camera lens, so you have to be careful not the smear the lens and use your pointer finger instead of a thumb like you might on most other phone models.

My husband has the S7 Edge, and I was surprised to discover that Samsung have changed their charger port in the S8, which means we can't share chargers. It's the sort of thing Apple have done a few times and it's annoyed us both, but for some reason didn't expect from Samsung. It does however have a fast charge when used with the official Samsung charger and cable that takes around an hour and a half to go from flat to 100% charge!

The other thing I needed as soon as I got my new phone, was a new case, because I am incredibly clumsy and wanted to protect it as much as possible. GoCustomized kindly let me design my own Samsung Galaxy S8 Tough Case* with them. You can have any photo printed onto them, so of course I had to opt for one of my favourite photos from our wedding day. It's a photo taken on 35mm film so it is grainy, it's not that it's been printed badly. It's a little paler than the original image, but otherwise very true to the photo I chose.

I opted for the full wrap case to provide the most protection I could, it has a lip that extends above the screen so even when landing face down, the screen doesn't touch the floor at any point. It fits the phone really nicely, and is a mixture of silicone and hard plastic. The buttons all have a silicone covering and work easily through the case. 

I'm in love with my new Samsung, and especially with the high quality photos it takes, and it's mega battery life. If you've been debating making the switch, go for it! I can't recommend it enough.

Much love,
Kitty xxx

*denotes an item gifted to me for review purposes. In no way does this impact upon my opinions which are entirely my own.


last year's girl said...

It's the loss of all the money I've spent on apps and iTunes downloads that puts me off, unfortunately. I think I'm stuck with an iPhone for life - which is annoying, because the camera and screen on the Samsung are just so much better!

Lis / last year's girl x

Kitty Morris said...

My big concern was being able to transfer my app data for a couple of games I play but they were fine so I didn't lose anything, I'm pretty tight when it comes to spending money on apps haha xx

Rachel Simpson said...

I've got an iPhone and sometimes think about transferring across just for the memory and battery life! I do like that it's connected to my MacBook though! xo

Oliver Long said...

I'm surprised to see people still playing PoGo! I kept playing until about a month ago but ever since they introduced raids, I found that it became so hard to play - especially for frugal players like myself... You phone does look good tho!

Oliver x

Kitty Morris said...

I play it every day! There's a big community locally to me who play so raids are well coordinated which helps, made some new friends :)

Kitty Morris said...

That's a good point! I have a regular laptop so that never came into play for me

Rebecca Green said...

I made the switch a few months ago and definitely haven't looked back. I need to have a look into a bit more of its features to fully utilise it think. Good choice

Kelly Fletcher said...

I sometimes think about changing but I think I am a slave to my iPhone. Yet all the things you mentioned are the things that annoy me especially the battery life.

Kitty Morris said...

same here, I'm forever finding new things out about it!

Kitty Morris said...

the battery life was my biggest bug bear!

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