Dreaming of Bags

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Handbags are a new obsession for me, I'm always eyeing them up and I find myself always wanting more. I couldn't resist sharing some faves I've found that I'm lusting after.

Embroidery is a huge trend for Spring, and I love a good backpack! I really like the nineties hints and sarcasm on this. There are times I prefer a backpack over a traditional bag, I find the style of them more comforting when I'm travelling for example. I like knowing I can feel the bag right by me and it's all zipped up and secure.

Me and Stu are planning our summer holiday for this year, and a cute beach bag is a must. The pale pink with the green palm leaves is so bright and fun.

Made entirely my polyester, this blush pink clutch is so sweet. It has a gold chain to make it more easy to carry and the colour is very on trend.

I am obsessed with holographic accessories and this bag is a bit more punky than most. The zips and the texture make this look so cool. I love it!

Yes, more blush pink, but I can't resist crushed velvet! Silver hardware can be hard to find in a bag these days, it's my favourite though. I like the more unusual shape of this bag, it's something a bit different.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx


  1. Oh these are all so fun and lovely! I've been thinking of getting a back pack for city breaks but I may start with a discrete one as its really stepping outside of my comfort zone!

    C xx

    1. I totally recommend one for travelling, I always prefer them for short breaks :) xx

  2. Some really cute bags here! I love the pink fluffy clutch!

  3. I love the embroidery backpack, I'm looking for a biker jacker with embroidery on for my wedding. Really fun picks here :)

    1. That would be SO cool. Your wedding sounds awesome!

  4. I am in desperate need of getting rid of my old bags I've had for years for some new fun ones - like these!