Dreaming of Society+

Sunday, 14 August 2016

At this point, you guys know how I feel about independent brands. I think it is absolutely key to support them, and that we should praise any indy brand that is selling a wide variety of plus sizes in styles we actually want. One at the top of my wishlist is US brand Society+, so I wanted to share some of my favourites from their store for you to ogle too!

Society+ work with plus size bloggers such as my personal fave Corissa of Fat Girl Flow to create capsule collections, and have such a diverse range of models. Seeing clothes for plus size bodies, on actual plus size women, and a diverse mix of them at that, is so important. Seeing an indy brand do that deserves celebrating, if they can do it, why can't all the big guys?

Cotton Candy Twirl Skirt

Just look at this adorableness! That thick waistband is a brilliant touch, so often waistbands fold over or roll up, but this is sure to stay in place. This looks like it would fall beautifully and really swish as you walk. A maxi skirt is great in summer, and you could glam this up for a night out too with very little effort.

Solid Skater Dress in Red

A classic skater dress is a real wardrobe essential for me, but you guys, this one has pockets!! Pockets!! A dress with pockets is just everything. More dresses and skirts should have pockets. Pockets make me happy.

Jessica Kane Silver Skirt

I am absolutely in love with this skirt. I'm a gal that is all about silver, and the pleats on this make it such a cute and different look. You could use this in a really girly summer look, or rock it up with a pleather jacket and combat boots. They also offer a version of this with a gold panel which just screams Christmas.

Sheer Sleeve Crop Top

Mesh is a huge trend with autumn/winter, and this crop top is so damn cool! Mesh instantly makes me feel like a rock star. I love how they've styled this with the tutu as well. Contrasting girly pieces with something edgier is right up my street.

Society+ Cape

A cape blazer is instant chic, especially in black, and especially with the pleather effect. This is going to make every dress ten times as sassy! I think this would be a real stand out piece in your wardrobe, and besides, capes make me feel like a superhero!

Society+ Premium Tutu in Mermaid

Society+ are famous for their tutus, and with a name like mermaid how could I not share this minty goodness? Every girl needs a tutu! They offer a variety of lengths and colour in their tutus, so there is something for everyone.

Society+ are a US based brand, but they offer worldwide shipping so us UK folk can get in on the action too. I could spend an absolute fortune in their store, one day!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx


  1. There are some absolutely lovely looks here! I've recently worn a skater dress for the first time and I got a whole host of compliments :)

  2. I do love loads of their things but if I remember correctly the price always put me off especially shipping to the UK.

    1. sadly the exchange rate right now isn't great!

  3. I love Society+. I have one of their tutus and it's the best quality one I have by far. If not for customs I'd be on it every month! That minty tutu is so gorgeous! xx
    x LoveLeah x

    1. I want one so badly! I just need to win the lottery first so I can justify a proper spree hehe xx

  4. The silver skirt is amazing! I want one! And my tutu is one of my favourite things. In fact I need to work out when I'm gonna wear it next!

    1. You look so awesome in yours, I want one so bad!