A Morris-Wood Wedding : Saving Money on Your Wedding Photographer

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Last week's blog was all about the importance of booking a professional wedding photographer for your big day. So it might surprise you to see that this week's wedding blog is about how to save money on your wedding photographer. I appreciate that a professional photographer isn't in everyone's budget, but if you want to, there are ways to make it more affordable. So here are my tips for booking an incredible photographer and maybe saving a little bit on them too!

1. Book a mid-week wedding.

This one goes for any supplier. A mid-week wedding is always going to be cheaper, because there just isn't the same demand for a Tuesday as there is a Saturday. The vast majority of weddings happen on a weekend, usually a Saturday, so your dream photographer is going to be in high demand for weekends. You'll find that everything from your venue, to your photobooth and florists can be cheaper on a weekday, because it's a day they might not usually be working. Photographers might just do you a deal!

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2. Book an out of season wedding.

Wedding season is considered April-September, and is when all mayhem breaks loose for a photographer. They might have a wedding every Saturday and Sunday for all of those months! The winter months in particular can be a tough time for a wedding photographer, so by booking a winter wedding you could find you save yourself some pennies.

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3. Book a 'digital only' package.

Most photographers offer a variety of different packages including photo albums, prints and more. A lot of photographers will offer a digital only package, which means that you don't get any prints or photo albums included, but instead get a USB stick of the edited images. You save money by making your own photo albums at a later date when you inevitably have more money than you do in the run up to your wedding. I'm personally opting for this sort of package to save pennies!

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4. Ask your photographer if they have a payment plan.

You will have to pay your photographer in full before or on the day of your wedding, but to make it easier for you, why not see if they can offer a payment plan instead? If you book your wedding 2 years before and book your photographer at the same time, you can make your payments much easier on yourself by paying monthly. The temptation to spend any of your photographer money is gone then too!

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5. Book a half/part day package.

Most photographers give options for booking less than a full day. Instead of having all your bridal prep photographed and the night do, you could book your photographer to photograph your ceremony and group photos straight afterwards, with time for your couple portraits too. Booking your photographer for 4 hours instead of 10 or more is a much more viable option.

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6. Enter wedding blog competitions.

I've seen some of my favourite photographers offer full day packages as prizes through big wedding blogs, so be sure to keep an eye out and enter whenever you can. You never know what luck you might have! My photographer Donna of Clickclick Bang recently ran a competition to win your whole day on her personal facebook page, so keep your eye on social media.

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7. Keep an eye out for referral discounts!

Sometimes popular wedding blogs have deals running with suppliers they love, that if their name is mentioned upon a booking, you can get a discount or a certain amount of money off. Check out the popular wedding blogs and their recommended wedding supplier lists and you might just find yourself a sneaky way to save money! Your photographer may also offer discounts on prints and more if you refer clients to them as well, so if you love your photographer and know people getting married, send them in the right direction and you might be able to earn credit towards prints for example.

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8. Book as far in advance as you can.

Most photographers will reassess their prices on a yearly basis, and this usually means those prices will go up. The sooner you have your date and you know who you want to book, get it done! You could potentially be saving hundreds of pounds by booking 2 years before your wedding, and therefore before 2 more potential price increases.

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9. Let your family buy their own prints.

Wedding albums and prints can be really expensive, and often couples feel obliged to buy their nearest and dearest prints. It can really ramp up the cost of your photographer, so it might be worth having a difficult chat with those around you to explain that as much as you adore them and wish you could treat them, it simply isn't something you can afford to do right now.

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If you have any other tips to share, do let me know!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx


  1. I used to work in hospitality and it is true weddings were usually on the weekend and ultimately more expensive!

    1. Yup! It's a good way to potentially save :)

  2. Ooh, good tips. My wee sis is getting married so good to know!


  3. These are some really cute little tips to be honest! You can never get quite as good as a professional photographer, so nipping in here and there will really help.

    Lottie xx