An Alternative Valentine's Gift Guide

Sunday, 7 February 2016

OK. So let me get this out the way. I do not do Valentine's Day. My birthday is 2 days before, and I'm a firm believer in surprising your loved ones just because, rather than because a date tells you. However, V-Day does bring out some fab gifts that I just had to share with you guys. These would make such sweet gifts all year round.

Clarence and Alabama are like, my all time couple goals. It's my all time favourite film and Stu loves it too. This is everything!

Available in a variety of colours, and wearable as either a hair clip or badge, these are a super adorable shiny gift.

Given my general dislike of Valentines, this card is perfect!

It's a running joke for me and Stu that one of us says 'I love you', and the other says 'Well, I tolerate you'. I might actually have to buy him one of these just because.

I think a keepsake box is a must for everyone! I keep photos, gig tickets, festival wristbands, anything that means something to me in mine. This would be a beautiful way to store things that mean something to you as a couple.

I've shared something incredibly similar to this on my blog before, but I just adore it and couldn't resist sharing another variation on it. It's a soundwave of any song you like, whether that is a wedding song, or your song, it makes awesome art!

You add your 3 cutest photos, and Getting Personal fill your jar with flying saucers, Refreshers, Love Hearts and all your favourite retro goodies! I had some of these made as Christmas presents and they are so good.

Perfect for a poly romance, or a family, you can get your finger prints immortalised in silver on this gorgeous necklace. Maybe your love is shared between 2 or 3 or more people, and you can have them all on this.

These are freaking amazing!! These are available in purple... which is one of our wedding colours. We might need these.... We need them! A seriously brilliant twist on the classic carnival light up letters.

Do you do V-Day? What are you getting your partner?

Much love,
Kitty xxxx


  1. Gotta love some Crown and Glory! and I adore those flower initial letters!
    We don't do v-day as we got together on the 15th so celebrate that instead. It'll be 11 years this year!

  2. Love the Crown & Glory Liberace Heart Clip such a good price too. Lovely gift guide. R

  3. I don't really do Valentines day no. Mike and I try to do something a bit special every day to celebrate each other which is so important. This gift guide is really good though. I love the bamboo box and the soundwave photo. :) They are both things I've bookmarked now to get him at some point as we tend to give each other surprise gifts throughout the year. :) xxx


    1. thanks lovely :) we are very much the same, I love random surprises! xx

  4. Love these ideas! The sound wave print is genius! I'm totally in love with the True Romance necklace, Valentines or no Valentines!

  5. The sound wave idea is great. After 14 nearly 15 years I'm low in ideas.