A Morris-Wood Wedding : Table Decorations

Thursday, 14 January 2016

So, today is the start of a new series, all about weddings! Stu and I get married on 4th June this year, eek, so we are in the planning stages and are trying to get stuff done! We looked into how much it would cost to hire someone to decorate the room, and once we were done being slightly horrified, we decided to do it ourselves. By doing it ourselves we can ensure that the decor is to our taste, and reflects our loves. Even if I might regret it somewhat the day before when we are decorating!

We've spent the last week looking at different ideas, and have a few pretty set concepts of what we want the tables to look like now. As we are sourcing our own decorations, the first thing we have done is order a sample of each idea. This way we can check the quality, that they are as described, and hopefully keep costs down too!

Stu and I both have a love of the gothic and skulls, and these skulls vases are adorable. I can just see them on the tables with our flowers filling them and spilling out. There are listings for these all over the internet, so we've taken a risk, picked a cheaper supplier, and ordered one to see what it is like. If it comes and isn't what we expected, we've only spent about £9 on it and don't have to worry too much. You could fill these with glitter, coloured liquid, or anything else that ties into your theme.

If skulls are a bit too dark for you, how about a hurricane vase like this one from The Range? The style of it really lends itself to draping and trailing flowers spilling out of it, and candles would look wonderful in it for an evening wedding. These are only £6.99 each, so even with 10 tables, and say 3 for the top table, you are only looking at £90.87. The thing with something like this is, I am sure you could resell them on afterwards! There are lots of bridal groups on facebook of people hunting for bargains, and even regular selling sites as they would would look lovely in most homes. Or you know... you could always regift a couple! Would the new in-laws love a bit of your wedding to keep? Did a bridesmaid comment on how lovely they are and joke about a needing a handbag big enough to fit one in?

A bell jar is a super versatile way to decorate a table! Whether you want every table to look the same, or each to be different, a bell jar could be really diverse. Fill them with something to match each tables names, or that reminds you of a memory of you and your partner. You could pop a photo of you and your partner in it, with cards in it for quiz fun. How did you meet? What are your pets called? It could be a cute way to get your guests interacting and fill up those quieter moments. Maybe you could pop bubble wands and colouring books and crayons in these for the littler guests. A bell jar also offers spooky options! Fill it with skulls, moss, dead flowers, it could look so beautifully creepy.

Covering a table in beads, rhinestones or sequins are something that seems to be everywhere these days. Take it a step up and buy your own funky hole punch. They offer a variety of shapes and sizes, so you could get whatever colour papers you wanted to tie in with your theme. Rather than being restricted to what is existing, you could have zebra print, or glitter, or every pattern your heart desires! You could even step it up and make your own confetti to match for the guests to throw too.

Don't feel you have to follow any rules, or use what your venue provides. Ours offers chandeliers, but I am worried they will stop people from being able to see each other across the table, so while they are free, we aren't using them. But do be sure to ask your venue what they can do to help! You never know, they might have something that surprises you, that is also free for you to use. The chandeliers at our venue are really beautiful, silver, engraved, slightly gothic, and I can see them draped with flowers, but it just isn't for us. And they would be a totally free option!

Does your wedding have a theme? Ours has ended up with one kind of by accident! If you are going for an ethereal winter wedding, quartz crystals and candles could be sourced cheaply and look so striking. Having a barn dance? Get gingham table cloths from a supermarket, tie bunting to the front of the top table, ask all your family members to save you any tree branches or logs they cut down from their garden and use them as centre pieces! You can literally do whatever you want, or don't want. It's your wedding!

Maybe you and your beau love a dinosaur? You could have plastic dinos everywhere! You can get these super cheap from supermarkets and pound shops. You could cover them in glitter, tie little bows around them, even use them in your bouquet to bring it all together.

What would you like to see me talk about next? Let me know!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx


  1. The skull is just amazing that would be a brilliant table decoration! x

    Miss Kitty Kaos - Adventures Of A Riot Grrrl

    1. I think those are probably what we are gonna go for! :D x

  2. Congratulations on your wedding. :) The skulls vases are amazing. It would be such a personal touch to the wedding having them. :) xxx


    1. Thanks lovely, I think we will be going for the skull vases! xxx

  3. I have never thought of having skulls as a decoration unless it is Halloween but it is pretty cool

    1. hehe they suit our tastes rather well, our house forever looks like Halloween!

  4. Love the hurricane vase from the Range - may actually get one of those to do a little display in my spare room!

    C x