Dreaming of Christmas Gifts

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Everybody knows I love Christmas.I love gifting people, wrapping presents, hinting at what to get me.... Well, Christmas is coming, so here are some last minute ideas! (I say last minute... because I'm done with Christmas shopping already haha)

BloodyMary Metal Altair Necklace £60

Moon themed jewellery is always good, and this is so pretty. BMM always have me lusting after their stuff!

So I'm 5ft 11. Normally I avoid heels... however these have been calling to me lately. The faux fur inner, the chunky heels... I need them right? Plus, they go up to a size 10EEE so they'd fit me!

SO MUCH SASS. Lilac with a silver chain please.

Tartan and faux fur. That's two of my favourite things. Plus some fringing on the bottom. I'm in punk Kitty heaven!

My everyday handbag is on it's last legs, and this would be such a cute replacement. Rock and roll looks with faux leather and fringing.

Crown & Glory Gala Glitter Ombre Headband £20

So I need this in black, purple and pink. It's so damn cute!

Candy Strike Drippy Skull Dress £45

I found a UK based seller who has Candy Strike dresses left!! This is such a fun print.

What are you asking Santa for?

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

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  1. I am asking Santa for some Perfume, Clothes etc xx

  2. Those boots are definitely ones my wife would like, she loves chunky boots.

    1. Winter is definitely the right time for them!

  3. I really love that poncho , I never thought I'd ever go for one but I've been dying to get one this year.

    1. I used to wear them loads when I was a teenager, so glad they are back in fashion again!

  4. Oh my god, I need that holographic bag. It is perfect.


  5. Oh wow, if any of this turned up underneath my Christmas tree, I'd be pretty over the moon! Love BBM and Skinny Dip in particular! :) x