Girls with Big Feet Who Won't Wear Leather

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Well, I'm kind of awkward when it comes to shoes, I've mentioned it before, but I have size 10 feet. It makes shopping all sorts of interesting, in that I can't go into any shops and try on shoes where I live. I also don't wear leather, because I'm vegetarian. Talk about making it difficult for myself, but a gal has gotta stand with her morals! So Autumn is here, and all I want is cute new shoes. Boots specifically, but all shoes are good. I struggle a lot, but here are shoes that are available in a size 10, that aren't leather, that I'm dreaming of currently.

These boots. Oh my these boots. I've been lusting after a pair of cut out ankle boots for a while now, and never thought I'd find a pair I could wear.... but here they are!

I find Evans a bit hit and miss for boots, but these are fab! I love leopard print, and these are adorable.

Never be afraid to raid the men's sections! These brogues are technically 'men's' wear, but I never let gender norms define what I wear. These would look so cute with a tea dress, or could make an outfit look really androgynous.

The shape of these has me so fascinated! Also available in black, they are really different and fun.

Dr Marten Vegan 1460 Boots £125

If you want a pair of vegan boots that are sturdy and going to last you, Dr Marten is the place to go! I was thrilled when they started making vegan styles. They also do a shoe version of this too. They usually stock a wider range of colours than just black, but currently only have black on their website, so I'm hoping that means there are more coming soon.

I have adored the iridescent trend, but not been able to find any shoes that fit me, but these will!! So shiny, much pretty!

And for a bit of glam, silver heels! You can also get these in monochrome snake skin print, and black glitter. I'm not one for heels, but these would be so great with a LBD.

I have a huge soft spot for Demonia. They consider nearly all their shoes to be unisex, and have a huge variety of styles that are non-leather. I think me and Stu would end up fighting over these!

Where do you get your shoes for giant feet from? Tell me, share your secrets please! We are still a much ignored market, and I need more shopping help.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx


  1. I hear ya sister! I thought being a 9 was bad enough but a 10... You have my sympathies. Definitely unisex styles are the way to go. Also if you like punk/Goth style footwear the Vegetarian category on here might be of interest :)

    1. Ooo thank you for that, they have some beauts! I'm all about stompy boots and reliving my teenage punk/goth years through my footwear haha :)

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