Beauty Sleep Style Challenge

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

I love sleep. I don't think I've ever discussed my total love of sleep on my blog before, but I really do love it. Particularly as a spoonie, sleep is so important, and being comfy whilst sleeping is a must! Casper, a new mattress company, challenged me to to the Beauty Sleep Style Challenge, sharing my favourite outfits for sleeping in. We're calling them OOTN, outfit of the night, which is just so cute!

Now I have to admit, that me and summer mean one thing... skin! I hate being warm in the summer. So I'm all about my ceiling fan and bare skin. But sometimes you've just got to dress up a little!

This is basically leggings and a slouchy top. Who wouldn't want to curl up to sleep in that?

This is just adorable! I love monochrome everything, and this is no exception.

Us plus size gals can't necessarily steal our partner's shirts to sleep in, but this is a great style to fake the look with!

Frills and ice cream print? Love! That print just makes me happy. I'd happily lounge about in this in the summer and not worry if someone came for a surprise visit. Cause look how cute I'd look!

Now this is an intriguing idea! Perfect for getting ready in the morning, or late at night.

And I had to share this one. I think this one pretty much sums up all plus size bloggers!

Where are your favourite places to buy night wear? I want to see the #OOTN hashtag take off, such a cute concept!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx