All That Glitters

Sunday, 19 July 2015

You've probably noticed by now, that I have a bit of a thing for jewellery. I wear 9 rings that I never take off, I never take any of my piercings out, and I love a statement necklace more than most things in life!

I'm forever lusting after new shiny goodies, and here are some of those I'm dreaming of

Since the moment Sugar & Vice announced that they had managed to get hold of radiant acrylic I've been so excited. And then they shared a photo of this necklace, and I fell in love. The beauty of radiant acrylic is that is sparkles and dazzles in every colour it can attract, and the crystal form is just perfect for that.

As a serious BMM fan girl, the tooth is one of their iconic designs that I don't actually own in any form. I bought Stu the tooth ring and have been jealous of it ever since! This chunky necklace is beautiful and so unusual.

I love studded everything. Studded jackets, studded converses, and this is just fab! My friend Roswell Ivory once described my style as 'heavy metal Hello Kitty', and it felt so me. I love to dress girly and tough it up with stompy boots and pleather jackets.

I recently bought a necklace from Panika and was totally blown away, I'll be posting it in a blog soon, but for now, I'm in awe of this beaut! I love the way it is put together and the blue chain.

Worm Child Jewellery is a Grimsby based brand I discovered recently, with stunning sterling silver pieces they are totally my sort of a company. I have a soft spot for sharks, I think they are so beautiful and majestic, and this is necklace is a gorgeous piece.

Creepy cute is totally my jam, and this is amazing! S&V have done a doll eye brooch for a long time and I've always hoped they would make a necklace version one day. That day has finally come!

Cast from the skull of a real finch, this is one of BMM's new stand out pieces. Incredible detail, and a real classic piece with a gothic hint.

I can never resist a lunar theme, and combine that with a holographic style and I can't resist. I have a variation on this necklace, and I still want this version too!

One day, I will own something by BloodMilk. Their pieces have such incredible detail, Claws, skulls, moons, pentagrams, so many things I think are beautiful.

What are your favourite jewellery companies? I love supporting independent business, so send me links!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx