All Wrapped Up

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Jeans - ASOS Curve
Poncho - BHS
Boots - Vegan Doc Martens
Schwings - Ebay
Watermelon Bag - Asda

A cosy outfit of the day it is! My love of my new jeans is not over at all. So I was a little heartbroken when I ordered another pair of Ridley jeans from ASOS and the size and fit of them was tiny compared to these! So I still only have the one pair :(

With it being wintery now, I am however lusting after a new coat. My big problem with coats is my wool allergy, so many coats are a wool mix! Here are some lush ones I've found that are not.

Junarose Check Coatigan £45

Coatigan is a new word for me. A coat cardigan. I'm guessing that means it's lighter than a regular coat because it isn't lined. Proper winter coats can be too heavy for me to wear when I'm walking Ashen, they get too warm, so this looks much more suitable, and the check print is very on trend.

ASOS Curve Exclusive Premium Lace Jacket £55

Well OK, I guess technically this would be a pretty rubbish winter coat, but look at it!! The perfect mix of cute and rock and roll. I really like this. It's a perfect way to punk up a cute dress, pair it with stompy boots and you have the perfect gig outfit.

What are your favourite winter looks?

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx