More Halloween Goodness!

Friday, 3 October 2014

As it gets closer to Halloween, more and more cute Halloween goodies pop up in shops, so I couldn't resist another blog on the new ones I have found!

John Lewis Bat Pillar Wax Candle £8

I love a good candle, and this is adorable!

Bat Heart Jumper £15

Available in a few different colour combinations, I love this! Super cute bat goodness.

I would joyously wear these all year round. Bats are one of my favourite halloween motifs and these are adorable.

So, so cute. The print is so much fun and I love the boxy style of this. I might need this.

I have a bit of a thing about tentacles and octopodes and this is amazing. My house needs it.

This is bloody brilliant. How awesome would it be at a dinner party? And I think a great price too!

Fun plus size leggings can be hard to come by. These are amazing and totally my sort of style. ASOS have done awesome this Halloween!

T.U.K. Shoes Mondo Lo Sole Lightening Storm Brothel Creeper £80

How fantastic is the print on these? I'm a big fan of creepers, but I can't wear many due to not wearing leather or suede. These are man-made textiles, yay!

Sugar & Vice Bone Necklace £20

I can just see this necklace with a long black maxi dress, it's wonderful!

I need this dress. Like, I medically, physically, need need need this dress. It's goddamn adorable and I need to flounce around in it. Please money fairy!

These are just perfect for Halloween, I love the shape of them.

These shoes make me so sad I am a size 10. I'm kind of tempted to get the 9 and squish my feet into them!

Kreepsville 666 Eyeball Bag £24

I had this bag in the red colour, but I also think this colour option is fab too, the purple and green work great together. Kreepsville have so much fantastic Halloween-y stuff all year round.

I totally think this is cute. I wish I could wear this style of headband, I would totally wear it!

I could post soooo many more things, though I am still stropping waiting for New Look to release their Halloween range!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx