Dreaming of Autumn

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

I love autumn. The cooler weather, the pretty colours, the crisp air, and of course the clothing that it means I can wear. Here are some of the new pieces I am lusting over currently!

I haven't worn trousers since 2009. But jeeeeez I think I want these. The colour is absolutely gorgeous, I'm picturing black, floaty and long tops, sneakers, perfect Autumn goodness. Aren't they beautiful?

The print on this is absolutely lovely, as is the length. The cut outs on the neck are wonderful, and I love that ASOS paired it with chunky boots, it's what I would want to do as well! This could easily be glammed up or down. Just beautiful.

A pair of good wellies is a must for anyone who has a dog, and these are fabulous! Not too wild, but perfect to help you feel fashionable while you take the pooch out for walks in the cold and wet.

I am never sure about swing dresses, but this is fantastic! The cute collar and cuffs really make this lovely. The collar and cuffs are actually thick lace, a fab touch. I'd like to see this on a curvier model ideally to see what it really looks like.

Maria Pumpkin Print Dress £18

I'm afraid I'm sharing more Halloween themed goodies. This is just adorable! And is also available in the reverse, orange with black. Have you ever bought anything from Boohoo plus? I just discovered them and am most curious.

Katja Rainbow Pastel Faux Fur Coat £65

Well oh my glob. If I were going to order from Boohoo THIS would be the piece. It's gorgeous! I love big fluffy faux fur jackets, and this is amazing colours. Want want want!

So much loveliness!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx