Friday, 26 June 2015

Festival Inspired OOTD

As a bit of a hippy at heart, I can't resist festival fashion. I love flowers, I love stompy boots with cute dresses, I can't help it! I saw this dress on ASOS and had to snap it up straight away.

Bardot dress - ASOS
Pink pleather jacket - Matalan
Boots - Demonia - no longer available
Leggings - New Look - no longer available

I cannot resist a bardot dress. I love them so much! The neckline is so flattering, and plays up what little bust I have. The denim look of this dress makes me feel all country and rock and roll at the same time. Festival footwear for me always has to be boots, because no matter how nice the weather, I do not want gross stuff touching my toes or getting all soggy.

Flower Hair Tie - ASOS
Necklace - Sugar & Vice - one of a kind from their Depop

Stephanie from Nerd About Town thinks I look like a fairy in this outfit. Which made me happy, because the flowery look was inspired by her outfit here! I've never been able to wear flower crowns which makes me sad because I love them, because my chronic head/face pain doesn't allow for the weight. So when I spotted this delicate hair tie on ASOS I decided to order it and give it a go, I've got one grip in it pinning it round my head and it's super comfy. Yay!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Little Miss Delicious

The next in my series of features of those lovely companies who so kindly donated to my blog, and one I personally own several pieces from, is Little Miss Delicious.

LMD is the one woman dream of Maxine Ashleigh. It is handmade polymer clay jewellery, cushions and other homeware! I've met Maxine, and she is truly a sweetie.

I love popcorn, these are so cute!

I have several LMD coasters and love them.

The level of detail in Maxine's painting is just incredible, look at these!

So much cuteness from Maxine, she has a fantastic blog you can read too!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

Monday, 22 June 2015

Mary Burgers II

Shooting with Mary Burgers is always a dream. A fellow plus size blogger, she really gets being body positive and embraces everything about herself that makes her awesome. Which you know, is everything.

Mary had the awesome idea to shoot a really androgynous look. You see a lot of thin androgyny in fashion, but never chubby or fat, so she wanted to show a different side and I think we totally nailed it. Dat facial expression!

The whole day we were shooting, the weather was miserable. It absolutely chucked it down! We had an idea for a cute fashion set in some fields near where I live, and were desperate for a break in the rain. And we got one, for about 5 minutes, and the moment we got back in the car the sky opened and it thundered! So lucky to get a few minutes for these shots.

Mary also had this amazing rococo dress she found at a charity shop. The colours perfectly matched the flowery cat ears I had, so we paired them together with a pale pink back drop and doll face goodness happened!

Mary moves back to the US this summer and we are determined to get to work together again before she goes! We must! She's such a genuinely lovely creature and I'll be sad to see her leave.

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Scarlett and Jo with She Might Be Loved

EDIT - While the quality of their clothes isn't in doubt, I cannot encourage anyone to buy from Scarlett & Jo or support their business for ethical reasons.

Yesterday I travelled to Evans in Meadowhall to a meet and greet with the lovely Georgina of She Might Be Loved with Scarlett & Jo. I thought it would be a great opportunity to meet some fellow plus size bloggers in person and ogle some gorgeous clothes, and I was right!

With Georgina (photo by her fella Alfie)

How awkward can I actually get? Apparently more awkward every day!

Scarlett & Jo had brought in most of their collection for the day and I fell totally in love with it. Gifi, the lovely creator of Scarlett & Jo really knows how to design for plus size women, and was a lovely fella to boot, it was a pleasure to get to meet him! He so cares about what he is creating, and is so passionate, which is wonderful.

Top L-R
Scarlett & Jo Green Printed Skirt
Scarlett & Jo Black Feather Tunic
Scarlett & Jo Purple Wrap Dress
Bottom L-R
Scarlett & Jo Red Rose Prom Dress
Scarlett & Jo Black Lace Dress
Scarlett & Jo Teal Blue Fit & Flare Mini

I tried on so many pieces, why not when they are in the store! And quite honestly, I could have easily bought of all of these had I had the money. The fit of the dresses is just great, the material is such good quality and they are so lovely! I opted to buy the teal blue fit and flare mini dress. Scarlett & Jo had very kindly offered us 20% off on the day, even on the current sale prices, so it was a complete bargain at £20! The red rose prom dress is definitely next on my wishlist. The mesh sleeves are so different and fun, and I love the neckline. The feather tunic was shorter than I'd usually wear, but I felt so cute I didn't care. And that wrap dress, just wow. Also available in blue and mint green, it's just divine.

Lollylikesfatshion, one of the lovely ladies who worked at the Evans store, Kellyisablade, and me.

It is often mentioned how great the fit of Scarlett & Jo are for the busty lady, and as a plus size gal who doesn't have a sizeable chest, I have to say, Gifi has created pieces that really help give the illusion of a chest and help show off what you do have in the best way!


Of course I couldn't resist selfies with the babes I met on the day!

With Georgina

With Kellyisablade (doesn't she remind you of Garcia from Criminal Minds? What a doll!)

With the incredible Leah of StyleXL. Just, wow, such a pleasure to meet her and see how passionate she is.

And with the adorable Siobhan of Rock n Roses.

I felt like a giant all day. Sometimes I forget that being 5ft 11 is kind of unusual!

I absolutely love this selfie of a bunch of us!

Evans had kindly made us up these fab goody bags. I adore Barry M as any of my readers will know, so was thrilled to see so much Barry M in there! I also love salt spray, so I'm excited to try this out.

A few of us popped for a drink afterwards, sadly I couldn't stay for the meal as I had an event to get to last night, but I wish I could have. It was such a fun day, and I am so glad I went. What a lovely bunch, and what lush clothes!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

ps. My necklace is by Sugar & Vice and is a cheeky True Romance reference!

Friday, 19 June 2015

A Summery OOTD!

Dare I say it? Is Summer finally starting to sneak it's way over? I hope so! So here is my first summery outfit of the day!

Necklace - Sugar & Vice
Eyeshadow - Darling by Sugarpill
Lipstick - Vicious Violet by Barry M
BB Cream & Power - Lily Lolo

A close up on the makeup! I'm not great at makeup, but I love bright colours and I really don't care for the fact that apparently the new trend is for more subtle colours. Not for me thanks!

Dress - New Look
Jacket - Matalan
Sandals - Evans

So first off, I have to address this dress. This dress is not a midi dress as it looks on me. It is apparently, a maxi dress. I'm 5ft 11, and it falls just below knee length on me. Which is super cute, but not quite what I was expecting! Check it out on a somewhat shorter blogger, Nancy Whittington. My brother bought this for me way back in February but I hadn't photographed it yet, so I made sure to this time. The jacket might look somewhat familiar. I have it in black and absolutely love it, and my Mum was showing me the pink one online when we noticed it had £10 off, so because she's a sweetie, she bought me it too. I love how it looks with an all black outfit! Thanks Momma!

And for an added bonus, a photo of me and Stu being all happy in the sun, as this outfit is actually from his birthday in April.

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

Wednesday, 17 June 2015


So since I started plus size blogging I've been able to meet some totally adorable new people, mostly online so far, but hopefully more in real life soon!

And one of those people is Kat, aka murderofgoths. Like me, she is a plus size blogger and a chronic illness sufferer, but she is also a totally incredible illustrator and artist!

Check out this amazing piece she did of me!!

Based on this photo...

Incredible right?! 

Kat makes the most wonderful art of plus size babes, and she sells it too!

Isn't Kat just so talented? Go check out her blog and her art!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxxx

Monday, 15 June 2015

New Look Inspire Haul

I popped into my local New Look recently and ended up grabbing a few bits. We are lucky to still have a reasonable Inspire section so I can actually try on different pieces and different sizes as needed.

Lime Pleated Cami £7.99

I've tried this on before, but I wasn't sure about the colour. I bought it in purple, but Stu convinced me to go back and get the lime colour as well and I'm glad he did! I love the swing style and how lightweight they are, perfect for summer.

Brown Tortoiseshell Chunky Retro Sunglasses £5.99

I've had my eye on these for a little while and I couldn't resist them. I love the mirrored look, it's something I've seen as a newer trend and I love it. I can't resist massive sunnies!

Black Flounce Lace Cami £12.99

I actually sized up 3 times in this top to get a really flouncey oversized look. Sometimes tops aren't quite long enough on me, because I'm 5ft 11, and my size in this top didn't get have the 'flounce' look the name hints at.

Abstract Cut Out Maxi Dress £22.99

 I love a good maxi dress, and the back of this is the real star. The cut out sections and the pattern are lush.

How cute is this? I love the cage look.

The fun of taking photos with Stu in the garden is that the animals want to join in. Ashen is a cutie!

Sadly, I realised after we took these photos that one of the seams in the side of this maxi dress towards the bottom has come apart, so I had to return it. Thankfully I saw it before I went to the pub in it! I didn't end up swapping it for a replacement. The fit on it just sits a little weirdly for me. My regular size feels a little tight in the bust, and the size up absolutely swamped me, and I think it would have just bugged me every time I put it on. I have small boobs, but I'm quite broad, so I think it would fit someone with bigger boobs much better.

I couldn't resist sharing these photos of Ashen and Patches that Stu snapped while I was switching outfits. Stitches was hiding on our neighbours shed and wasn't playing. Aren't our furbabies totally gorgeous?

New Look have got a really great range at the moment, and I'm eyeing up so many pieces in it. What are your faves?

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Friday, 12 June 2015

The Red Room

Top - Yours Clothing £16
Skirt - New Look
Sneakers - Converse

As soon as I saw this print, I fell in love. It is so Twin Peaks and awesome! This print features in quite a few of Yours Clothing's new designs, but this top was the one I opted for.

How could I not want a top that seemed to be inspired by the red room? Amazing!

The high neck is really different for me, and I actually really like it. The length is great, and the fabric is so soft and hangs nicely. I got compliments on it as soon as I got to work! I felt so sassy all day.

This was the first time I've ordered from Yours Clothing, when I lived in Norwich it was one of my favourite stores to shop in, but unfortunately there isn't one near me, thank goodness for the internet!

Hopefully there will be more orders very soon,

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Sugar & Vice

The fourth in my series of blog features about the lovely folk who donated to my giveaway, we have Sugar & Vice!

Wildflowers Necklace £45

Anyone who reads my blog for any length of time notices the recurring theme of Sugar & Vice love. I own so many of their designs it's a little bit obscene. Sugar & Vice is the two-people team of Sarah and Matt, best friends who make incredible acrylic jewellery together.

Radiant Crystal Shards Necklace £28

Also available in the 'fire' and 'earth' options at £26, the crystal design is a Sugar & Vice classic. They have just added the radiant version to their store and I'm in love!

Rattlesnake Necklace £35

How gorgeous is this necklace?! Such an incredible design and the details are amazing. I love this!

Solar System Necklace £25+

Also available in a special 'galaxy' colour, this is the new version of a necklace I have, I love it!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

Monday, 8 June 2015

Polly Grace Jeggings

Until very recently, I had never owned a pair of jeggings. After being somewhat scared of jeans, jeggings seemed to be the logical next step, so I finally got my legs into some!

Polly Grace Sydney Jegging £18*

These leggings are a super soft and comfy material and high waisted, which is always a must for me. These sit like ankle grazers on me which I love, but would be full length on most people. I'm 5ft 11 with a 35 inch inside leg, for reference!

Stu of course was quite happy to take some photos of my butt for the blog. I think they are rather complimentary and fit wonderfully! They also come in a super pale denim colour that I love and might have to treat myself too.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

*while these jeggings were sent to me for review purposes, the opinions expressed in this blog are entirely my own and are unaffected by this.

Friday, 5 June 2015


At the end of May, Stu, myself, and our friends Max and Mat went off to Boltfest for the weekend. Boltfest is a free festival, with some seriously amazing cover bands.

The Saturday - 

Dress - ASOS £30
Kimono - Black Dusk
Boots - Demonia

We travelled over from Grimsby, and an hour late, we were finally allowed into the venue. We went straight to the stage knowing Pantera UK were second on. I've seen Pantera UK before and they are fantastic, but I was absolutely gutted when the organisers cut their set because the singer swore. I understand that it is a family festival, but it really tainted the day for us, and the band said they hadn't been told about it, gutting!

The next stand out band, was Ozzbest. Again, I've seen these before, and I was desperate to again. The guitarist is Zak Wylde in another form, and the singer, well, he does Ozzy better than Ozzy does as far as I am concerned! They do a lot of Black Sabbath which always makes me happy, and really know how to play up to an audience.

I was glad to discover Bigfoot on the up and coming band stage. We stood queueing for the loos, and I heard this immense noise coming from the second stage, and I had to go find out who was playing. I stood watching for the rest of the set and Bigfoot have a new fan in me! They are sleazy, glam rock inspired heavy rock, and while I was still sat in the field in Bolton, I ordered their EP and a t-shirt. I couldn't resist!

Custom Skid Row Necklace - Sugar & Vice
Sun burn - all this idiot's own fault. Don't forget suntan lotion kids!

And the final band of the day, the stunning Guns or Roses. I've seen a few Guns & Roses tribute bands, and GOR are by far the best. Ridiculously talented and great fun, I hope to get to see them again soon! After Festwich last year when we saw them with Stu's kids, they were kind enough to get in touch with us on facebook and send us some signed stuff for the boys, plectrums etc, so they are a seriously great bunch of lads to boot.

Sunday - 

Dress - SimplyBe £30
Boots - Demonia
Added photobomb from Mat!

Sunday was a much more chilled out day. It was much colder, and still lots of fun. I know for Stu and myself, the highlight of the day was Mentallica. Stu is a die hard Metallica fan to say the least, he has several Metallica tattoos and has seen them dozens of times, and Mentallica always really get him going. They are so so damn good. Security disappointed me during their set. They tried to break up a very civil, harmless mosh pit. Who goes to a metal gig and doesn't allow a mosh pit? Ridiculous!

Next up, Pearl Scam! I have also seen Pearl Scam before, and they are bloody incredible, and they did not disappoint, easily one of the best of the weekend. The singer sounds so much like Eddie Vedder, it's insane! We've promised them fish and chips next time they come to Grimsby, which hopefully won't be long.

We were tortured by U2 Tribe, who were possibly the worst live music I have ever seen, and ended the day with Doors Alive who were a brilliant way to end the weekend.

I also totally have to mention Beets and Beans, an amazing veggie and vegan food truck that was at Boltfest. Nommy healthy food is hard to come by at festivals, least of all when you are vegetarian (chips all weekend? No thanks!), and their hot dogs and burgers are lush.

All in all, a kick ass weekend! Even if Stu did programme the sat nav to walking on the way home on Sunday night so a half hour drive to where we were staying would have taken over 5 hours haha!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

ps. We are going to Festwich again this year too!